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Jew's Harp Music Of Turkic Peoples In The Urals, Siberia And Central Asia
chinese jaw harp

Vanir is a Danish folk metal band from Roskilde. Olena plays the jaw harp or khomus which is an instrument native to Russia. The archaeologists have found a wide range of musical instruments from the Viking age, and many of them still looks like musical instruments that is being used today in some parts of Eastern Europe.
Put the Jew's Harp against the slightly opened lips with one hand in such a way, that the reed can swing through them. Bow-shaped Jew's Harps have to touch the opened incisors, too. The end of the frame (Lamellate Jew's Harps) or the reed (Bow-shaped ones) is plucked with the fingers of the other hand. It produces the fundamental note (or prime tone) of the instrument that is heard continuously while playing. The oral cavity and other resonance chambers amplify different overtones of this fundamental note, thus producing the tone colours and pitches of your playing. There are numerous ways of holding and plucking the Jew's Harp.
It is summer solstice celebration that is held on June 21th-22th. It is related to the sun deity that Yakut people believe in. According to some ancestral calendar, New Year started in June - when everything becomes alive again. During the festival, people dress in their national dresses and eat traditional food. Celebration includes ceremonies, mantras, game contests and races. Horse racing is considered to be most important game of the festival.
Carlton card collection angel with harp. Made of porcelain. She sings! Wind up music plays Angels we have Heard on High. See pictures for her measurements. Perfect condition. Pickup only in west end. The Hmong craftsmen work the Dan Moi so carefully that the slit between frame and reed is barely visible. This ensures a wide variety of sounds, especially in the high ranges.
Áron Szilágyi is one of the most acknowledged Jew's harp players in the world. His unique, signature dynamic playing style inspired countless players around the globe. Áron has created, managed and played in music projects that have gained big success in the world-music scene, he is promoter for festivals and world-music events, organses Jew's harp festivals, gives workshops worldwide, director of the biggest musical instrument museum in Hungary, writes articles and runs a webshop dedicated to the Jew's harp.

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